Monday, July 28, 2014

Dhulkee Coursera not working...

So I've received several messages about the change coursera made to their API and all the apps that stopped working. I'm really sorry I haven't been able to update the app as I've been really busy with other projects. I'll see if I have some time in the coming week to take a look at it and see what's going on with the API. I didn't think this many people were using it until it actually stopped working and I got all of these complaints. hahaha
I'll keep you guys updated.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dhulkee Coursera has gone open source!

Hey guys, we now have gone open source, as promised.

We have a Github page that you can find here. If you just want to download the source code as a zip file, we have it also on our Github page. Or you can as well just click here and it will do. We also stopped using that nasty, greedy, clumsy, ...y, ...y file hosting service and started using the Github server. \o/ So I'll be updating the download links and also reposting them here.

I created a twitter and a Facebook page for those of you that want to keep tuned for newer versions of this app (because I do intend to make an Android version so don't you dare not follow me) so go on: @DhulkeeCoursera and dhulkeecoursera. And from now on, any new version of Dhulkee Coursera will be available for download here. But every new release will be announced on twitter.

Now, if you happened to do a checksum on the last binary I posted, this one will not match because I made a few changes to the code, but nothing that you'll notice by just using it.

So without further ado and for those of you who were lazy enough to not read and notice the links above and went straight for the links down here, I introduce you to the links down here...err:


Mac & Linux:

Source Code:



Github page:

And please, spread out the news! If you have any questions, doubts, early childhood traumas...just leave a comment down below.

Peace out!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hey guys, how's it going?!

So I barely uploaded this application and quite a few people have told me that they don't trust it because it's either not open source or because they have to type their password in. I'm just posting to let you guys know that I'll be uploading the source code to Github tomorrow and posting a link to it here. I also want to clarify something.

I've heard from a couple of people that they trust browsers' plugins such as DownThemAll because they don't have to type their passwords. Just so you know: DownThemAll also has access to your Coursera profile. Coursera uses a session cookie called CAUTH and that's the only security validation it makes for your account. So anybody that can get the value of this cookie, has access to your account. Guess what? DownThemAll does have access to that cookie.

If I see that people are interested, I could make a couple of posts explaining a few things I've learned about Coursera's system while making this app. Such as how they did not implement CSRF token right which makes their website somewhat vulnerable.

If you guys want to know more about it, just leave a comment down below. This is all new for me so if I see you want it, I could start talking more about it, making tutorials of how to develop a software like this and so forth.

But yeah, that's pretty much it for today.

Peace out! =)

Quick How-To

This will be a quick guide through the Dhulkee Coursera application.

After downloading the application, double-click it and you'll see this window:

You just need to click Login and type in your Coursera email and password and click Login again (on the little window xD):

Right after doing it you'll see that your status changed from disconnected to connected and the button Load Courses got enabled. Click it and a list with all the courses you are currently enrolled in will be downloaded and displayed in that white area:

As you can see in the previous image, you will be able to select just the videos you want to download among all your courses. Then click Download and a new window will pop up (we're almost there!):

In this window you can set three options. The first one is the destination folder, pretty straight forward. The second one is "Overwrite files?" which you can disable if you don't want Dhulkee Coursera to download a video if it is already in the destination folder. The last option "Add a number to the file name to keep the order?" is also pretty straight forward. It will add a "1 -..." "2 -..." to the files and folders so that you know which videos comes first. As the description says: just to keep the ordering. And then, click OK and your files will be downloaded:

Yup, it's as simple as that. Any questions?
Peace out!

Dhulkee Coursera

Dhulkee Coursera is the newest Coursera batch downloader for Mac, Windows and Linux. You don't have to install. Just download, and execute to start downloading all your courses from

As you can see, I'm using free file storage services as I really have no money to invest in this program. I did this as a way to contribute to the cause Coursera is fighting for which is to offer free, high-quality education to millions of people. If you would like to help me or be a part of this project, you can talk to me on my email: Help such as a domain or a server to host a decent website would be very welcome. If I get enough help, I'm planning on taking this application to mobile phones and adding features such as synchronizing your mobile with your desktop, downloading from other services such as Khan Academy among many others.

If you want to help but don't have a server or a domain, you could always send me some money so that I could do it myself.  It doesn't have to be a lot, $1 would be enough. You could send me through Paypal:

And without further ado, here are the links to download Dhulkee Coursera:


Linux, Mac:

If you find any broken links or any problems with the application, please let me know.

Peace out!